Welcome to Survey Systems

Survey Systems offers a full array of data collection services and products to facilitate your data collection needs; from course evaluations or conference speaker evaluations to youth risk assessments or customer satisfaction surveys. Our goal is to serve you with:

• Excellent customer service
• Attention to detail
• Attractive pricing
• Fastest turn around time in the industry

Our customer base is made up of over a thousand colleges and universities, K-12 institutions, trade associations, non-profit organizations.

We pride ourselves in servicing customers and have a long list of references available upon request.

“I used Survey Systems last month for an ‘emergency’ print job. I spoke with reps at both Scantron and Survey Systems, comparing prices and so on. Survey Systems was the winner, hands down. They responded to our needs in a very timely manner. We placed our rush order on a Wednesday afternoon, and received the form shipment early the following Monday morning. I can attest that the quality of their work is excellent.”  

- Leslie Deming, Sonoma State University

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the effort on your part to make our survey events successful. I know I gave you all some tight deadlines for some of them, but you came through for us every single time!” 

“It really means a lot to me that I never had to worry once about there being any kind of problem or issue with my surveys. You guys have truly been a blessing and a life-saver.”

- Rachel Oliver, AllianceTech