Fast & Reliable

Meeting your deadline is important to us!

At Survey Systems we take pride in meeting your deadline and exceeding your service expectations. On most print jobs, we can have forms printed and ready to ship in three business days or less. Larger print jobs or jobs with special requirements, such as personalization or special packaging, may take slightly longer; but we do everything possible to get your order completed quickly and accurately.

Survey Systems is dedicated to giving you the highest quality products and services. All our printed OMR forms are guaranteed to be machine-readable by your OMR scanner. In the unlikely event that you experience a scanning problem due to a defect in the documents, we will replace the forms or provide data capturing service at no cost to you or your organization.

“I used Survey Systems last month for an ‘emergency’ print job. I spoke with reps at both Scantron and Survey Systems, comparing prices and so on. Survey Systems was the winner, hands down. They responded to our needs in a very timely manner. We placed our rush order on a Wednesday afternoon, and received the form shipment early the following Monday morning. I can attest that the quality of their work is excellent.”  - Leslie Deming, Sonoma State University
“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the effort on your part to make our survey events successful. I know I gave you all some tight deadlines for some of them, but you came through for us every single time!”“It really means a lot to me that I never had to worry once about there being any kind of problem or issue with my surveys. You guys have truly been a blessing and a life-saver.”  

- Rachel Oliver, AllianceTech