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Scantron Bubble Answer Sheet


  • Teacher Evaluation Forms »

    Teacher or instructor evaluations provide useful feedback that can be used to improve the quality of instruction and help to measure the effectiveness of instructor communication.


    View Sample Instructor Rating Survey Form

    View Sample Faculty Evaluation Form

  • Course Evaluation / Instructional Assessments »

    Course evaluations are typically used at the end of each semester and allow students to submit comments on the course, the instruction, the classroom atmosphere, the equipment and other related items.


    View Sample Course Evaluation Form

  • Student Satisfaction Surveys »

    A Student Satisfaction Survey is similar to a customer satisfaction survey. It evaluates the student’s level of satisfaction with campus experience and services and is usually administered annually.


    View Sample Student Satisfaction Survey

  • Orientation Evaluations »

    New students often attend orientation sessions so that they can become accustomed to different aspects of campus and academic life. Families of students often attend similar orientation sessions which are also sometimes evaluated.


    View Sample Student Orientation Evaluation Form

  • Graduate or Alumni Surveys »

    These surveys are administered upon graduation, or one or more years after a student graduates. Often the graduate is asked to assess their ability to find employment in their chosen field of study, or to rate their experience overall at the educational institution.


    View Sample Alumni Questionnaire

  • Service Effectiveness Surveys »

    Used to rate a student’s experience with an advisor, or to rate experience at a Career Center, Library, IT Center or other campus service agency.


    View Sample Career Center Evaluation Form

  • Standard Answer Sheets »

    We have several standardized answer forms available.


    View Sample Standard Answer Sheet

    View Sample 100 Item Answer Sheet

    View Sample 200 Item Answer Sheet