K-12 Education

Students taking exam using Scantron bubble answer sheets

  • School Climate Surveys  »

    School Climate Surveys measure the learning environment created through the interaction of human relationships with physical setting and psychological atmosphere. Perceptions about school climate impact teacher morale and student achievement. Typical School Climate Surveys are directed toward students, parents, and school faculty and staff.
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  • Youth Risk Assessments »

    Youth Risk or Youth Risk Behavior surveys are used to measure behaviors related to intentional and unintentional injury, tobacco use, alcohol and other drug use, sexual activity, diet and physical activity. Surveys are most often administered to middle school and high school students.
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  • Student Opinion Surveys »

    A Student Opinion Survey is used to evaluate a wide variety of issues related to student engagement, and may address satisfaction with teaching, classroom atmosphere, feelings of safety, etc.
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  • Bullying Questionnaires »

    Used by schools and districts to assess the level of bullying that is taking place and help determine what actions might be taken to reduce bullying in their school and/or district.
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  • Parent Surveys »

    Parent surveys are often used to measure parent perception/satisfaction and help in school improvement and program planning.
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