Form Customization – Overprinting

Overprinting or pre-slugging can be added to most forms to identify the respondent, personalize the introduction, or fill in important fields that might commonly be mis-bubbled by respondents. Using overprinting can help ensure that critical fields are not left unfilled or filled incorrectly, and can make the data captured on a scan form much more powerful.

We use high speed laser printers to overprint forms after they come off of the press. We can add sequential form numbers (also known as a lithocodes) or more complicated personalization, such as filling in course names and numbers, or pre-bubbling session ID numbers or student ID numbers. For pieces that are to be mailed, names and addresses can be merged onto each form to accommodate window envelope usage.

Form customization can be just text, or it can include filling in scannable fields. It can help to simplify the scanning process and can add greater value to your survey project.